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Environments - Virtuality Live


These are scenes that can be anything that your imagination can come up with. They can be beautiful architecture buildings to vast open mountain ranges and deserts. They can be tourist attractions, heritage sites, places of natural beauty, locations under threat, sacred spaces and places of worship. Depending on your needs, the environments can be mystical, inspiring, restorative or beautiful. They could be educational, social or musical, or anything else you want them to be. It can be concrete or abstract. Environments typically contained elements that you want fixed or tightly controlled.

Bagan Temple image modelled by The Zamani Project


A botanist in Australia discovers the unique Floral Kingdom of Table Mountain in South Africa. A social anthropologist from Arkansas explores the rock art at a sacred site in New Zealand. An architect in Italy researches the architecture of Machu Picchu in Peru. The possibilities are infinite – both for the users and for the owners of the locations that users want to experience.

The virtual environments our studio makes are good for the planet, good for people and good for interconnecting communities.


Your environment scenes effectively become your canvas for layering in changes when you setup an event. This means that one environment can be used again and again with different versions to meet different goals. These are the kinds of things you can do with events:

  • Define the play modes people can choose from
  • Place new objects into the environment (including interactive objects)
  • Host and share events with others who have the right access and content in their players

Experience Showcases

Here are the latest and greatest experiences

Experiences - Casa111 - Virtuality Live

Sugar Pine Retreat

Connect with nature in the hills of the Sugar Pine Forest on the edge of the Kosciuszko National Park.
Experiences - Nosybe - Virtuality Live

Tropical Eco Hotel

An expansive eco hotel in a beautiful tropical beach setting.
Experiences - Began - Virtuality Live

Bagan Temple

An accurate reconstruction of a Bagan temple in Myanmar.
Experiences - Lake House - Virtuality Live

Lake House

A beautiful photo realistic residential home interior.
Experiences - Keurbos - Virtuality Live

Keurbos Rock Shelter

An carefully reconstructed scan of a protected shelter with incredible San Art.

Virtuality Live

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