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Fully immersive

Immersive experiences

Our Vision - Virtuality Live

Our Vision

Immersive experiences with meaning

Our thriving future is founded on honouring the interconnected nature of people, animals and the planet. We want everyone to create immersive experiences with stories that inspire humanity’s curiosity, experience the web of life, and encourage everyone to look after humanity and the planet.

Interactive media with storytelling and immersive real-time 3D technology has the power to catalyse action for the greater good of our global society.

We want these cross reality (XR) experiences encompassing virtual reality, mixed reality, and augmented reality to be as broadly accessible as possible.

The Team

The faces behind VL, experience and philosophy

Leigh-Warren - Virtuality Live
Our Founder

Leigh Warren has been immersed in technology figuratively and literally for decades with passionate interest in Virtual Reality since the 90s. With a master’s degree in information technology and decades of experience in enterprise business IT he has learnt how to do things at scale whilst forging trust with those involved.

Recently he took the leap to make real his dreams and started Virtuality Live, a platform and studio company that accelerates the generation of cross realities. He now creates, and not just plays in 3D digital worlds that combine arts and technology for positive impact. His focus is on unleashing creativity, education, and accessibility on new digital canvases.

Nico Hirsch - Virtuality Live
Our Technology Lead and Creative Director

Nico Hirsch has a passion for Interactive Applications development and storytelling and he provides an endless source of energy, bringing ideas to life through the latest technology using modern design.

At Virtuality Live, we’re always looking for talented professionals whose technical knowledge and personal values would make a significant contribution to our team. If you think you’d be the right fit, get in touch to find out what vacancies are available.

Virtuality Live

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