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Maori Chiefton on the Coastline of Aotearoa

This is an unbelievable realistic VR experience created by Simon Che de Boer and his extremely talented team at RealityVirtual.Co in New Zealand.  Their work is so good that NVIDIA use them as one of their promotional videos.

Moving Beyond the Image: Test Drive Your Visual Designs

Ever since the first designer sketched an idea on a piece of paper, images have been used to convey how a design might be realized. Today, as computer-aided design has become pervasive, the production of rendered images has greatly aided the conceptualization and communication of design amongst all stakeholders.

Photorealistic Character Sample Released

Epic Games has released a realistic, comprehensive Unreal Engine 4 sample along with accompanying documentation to demonstrate the use of high-quality character shader techniques, similar to those used for characters in Paragon, Epic's MOBA for PC and PS4.
Virtuality Live - Inspiration - Exquisite Real Time Interior

Exquisite Real-Time Interior

CodeCode created this incredibly detailed screenshot of an exquisite interior. Only difference to what you're used to? It gets rendered in real-time and isn't a canned walkthrough.
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