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Virtuality Live - Inspiration Photo Realistic Lighting

Incredible Photo-Realistic Lighting

In 2014 Koola became famous in our circles for pushing the boundaries of what's possible with real-time realistic lighting for scenes. He has been a great contributor to our communities since. This is a sample of his work, but search for him for more.
Virtuality Live - Inspiration- Short ArchViz Video

Short ArchViz Video

Short but impactful. HAI showcased a piece of his work that has a small villa in an exterior setting - a recording of his real time model.
Virtuality Live - Inspiration - Interactive Interior

Interactive Interior from UE4Arch

This video is especially interesting in that Rafareis has done a lot with Blueprints and interaction with the scene. He's also layered the experience with animation, interaction and sound. Property of
Virtuality Live - Inspiration - UE4 Arch Marketplace

UE4 Arch Marketplace

Great things are done when you build on the shoulders of giants. UE4Arch has been leading the market with some incredible projects that can be used as assets in your own. If not already in our library but you see something here you would like incorporated into your projects then let us know.

Unreal Engine 4 Kite Demo

In 2015, Epic Games stunned audiences at the Games Developer Conference (GDC) with a showcase video of 'A Boy and His Kite'. It demonstrated the unlimited potential of interactive open world environments. At the time it was running on high-end hardware but as we know this will be in the palm of our hands in the very near future.
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