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Solution acceleration for industries and markets


Our platform does amazing things for accelerating the delivery of immersive experiences, but we know you need tools for business. That’s why we create expansion packs with specific goals in mind whether this is for industry or fun.

Industry Packs

Architecture, Planning, and Interior Design

Share and communicate your designs with clients to get agreement quickly and efficiently

Top features for this pack include:

  • Client Collaboration
  • Digital Twin Models of Urban and Rural areas for Context Assessments
  • Section and Measurement Tools
  • Custom Import of Terrain, Building and Product Information
  • Framework for Integrating Product Supplier Content Packs
  • Starter Pack of Furniture and Home Decor
  • Scene Event Data Export (for use in your own systems)
  • Library of Physics Based Rendering (PBR) Materials
  • Filter Controls for Visual Styles

Content Packs

  • Landscapes
  • Vehicles
  • People and Creatures
  • Furniture & Home Decor

Starter Packs

Construction Kit

Build your own home from an expanding range of building parts.Invite your friends to join you in your new abode and show off any rewards and achievements you’ve collected.

Virtuality Live

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