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Cross Realities for Everyone

Our Studio is here to demonstrate what is possible to do in short periods with our platform. We also share our platform technology with other studios so they can accelerate their projects, release, and monetise their experiences.

ArTron Studio Editor

Helping you accelerate immersive experience delivery

Our own studio uses these tools to help automate and deliver experiences to our clients as rapidly as possible. Everything we learn is developed into tools that just make projects faster and faster.

If you are a studio and would like to leverage our platform then we can share that benefit and provide you with our tools. The editor will help you with:

  • Content creation of environments, events, and interactive objects
  • Content submission to our cloud platform for optimisation, baking and building.
  • Content management

Our editor is an extension of Unreal Engine Editor so you will need to have the appropriate licensing from Epic Games.

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Core Features - Virtuality Live

Core Features

Capabilities reaching across our Studio Editor, Expansion Packs, Cloud Services and Client Players

The features of our core engine enable studios to rapidly deliver their first environments then continue to publish events. The environments we make can be changed. Environment owners create events specifically tailored to their goals which can be published and shared the way they want.

From our expanding library of interactive objects and models your events can range from simple linear play throughs to full multi-person interactions driven by a story defined by you.

The core engine includes some of these key features that studios can immediately leverage so they can focus on content delivery. These apply across our Studio Editor, Cloud Services and Client Players:

  • Account Management (registration, logins)
  • Extendable Interactive Objects
  • Environment Content Management
  • Event Management (creation, sharing, storage)
  • Event Play Modes (editor, photo, cinematic, story, free roam, building)
  • Weather (Sky, Wind, Rain, Fog, Snow)
  • Bundle and Library System
  • Quest Engine (story lines and triggered interactions)
  • Editor Tools
  • Cross Platform User Interfaces (2D & 3D)
  • Cross Platform Input Controls (Keyboard, Mouse, Touch, Head Mounted Displays)
  • Presets for Lighting
  • Real Time User Analytics
  • Post Processing (visual styles)
  • Multiplayer Sessions
  • Device Usage Modes (Desktop, VR, Touch, AR)
  • Device Platforms (Windows, Android)
  • Third Party 3D Creation Tool Integrations
  • Remote Controls (Mobile companion apps for additional running event control)
  • Web Integrations (external content, payment mechanisms)
  • Security
  • Real-Time Optimisation
  • Audio, Video, User Preference Settings
  • Sonic Themes
  • Tutorial Frameworks

Expansion Packs

Extending core features for Industry

These expansion packs accelerate delivery with specific benefits for an industry. Enterprise business have their own challenges and goals to grow their businesses, reduce costs and manage risk. Our expansion packs bring together additional capabilities targeted for that industry. These packs include:

  • Content Libraries
  • Additional Interactive Objects
  • New Play Modes & Activities

Here are some of the specific Expansion Packs we are currently focused on:

  • Architecture & Interior Design
  • Film
  • Arts & Culture
  • Tourism
  • Gaming

Contact us if you are interested in knowing more about what’s in these expansion packs which could accelerate your goals. If your area is not listed here, we would still love to hear from you.

Expansion Packs - Virtuality Live

Client Players

Multiplatform, Multi-usage modes, Multi-player

There are many ways audiences can access the Interactive Media. At Virtuality Live we have carefully focused on our real-time 3D content pipeline to ensure that environments, events and the interactive experiences they create can be broadly accessed across multiple devices and used in different ways. We currently have players and distribution mechanisms for the following:

  • Device Usage Modes (Desktop, VR, Touch, AR)
  • Device Platforms (Windows, Android Mobile)

Speak to us if you have new or different requirements for your audiences.

Client Players - Virtuality Live

Cloud Services

Using robust, reliable, and scalable cloud technology

We use several cloud powered services that deal with the full lifecycle of interactive media content including how it is accessed by audiences worldwide.

  • Player management
  • Storage
  • Analytics
  • Session Management
  • Rendering & Streaming
  • Application and Content Distribution
  • Commerce

Power up with ArTron.
Register to join our community and be part of the private alpha release.

Got questions? Contact us.

Virtuality Live

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